For solution providers

You develop software solutions and technology for energy companies

And you are interested in providing added value to your customers through intelligent control of district heating and cooling systems

Then why not add our thermal demand-side management solution to your portfolio?

STORM is a self-learning software controller that shifts heat demand to times when sustainable energy is cheap and available. STORM can help your customers make significant steps towards digitalisation of their heating networks.

Your benefits: 

  • Available as SaaS application on VITO’s FLEXharvester on MS Azure
  • Accelerated Go-to-Market through the FLEXharvester platform
  • Integrates in your own cloud or on-premise data solution with ease
  • Extensive training available from VITO’s district heating experts
  • Supported by VITO’s technology roadmap next 5 to 10 years
  • Unlocks existing thermal storage capacity at minimal investments
  • Customizable control objectives, e.g. flatten the load curve
  • Field-tested on multiple networks across NL, SE, FR and BE
  • Extensible to provide optimal control from production to building

Value-added features such as alert management, control center, simulations and many more!

STORM features

Peak shaving: heat demand is shifted from peak times to off-peak times when cheaper sustainable energy is available


Autonomous: self-learning and adaptive algorithms ensure that there is no need for expert intervention in order to reconfigure and make adjustments

Truly scalable: can connect to large and small heat networks, with connections to few or many buildings. Can easily scale to multiple heat networks. 

Easy integration: can be quickly and easily integrated with substations of several manufacturing brands

3 reasons to integrate the Storm Controller into your software

  • STORM is the digital solution for district heating networks. Your customers will want innovative solutions and will turn to you with questions about digitalization, AI and IoT.
  • STORM is field-tested software: we have completed 2 projects in the Netherlands (5GDHN in Heerlen) and Sweden (3GDHN in Rottne). STORM is currently being tested in Belgium (3GDHN in Mol), France (5GDHN in Paris) and the Netherlands (3GDHN in Eindhoven). 
  • With STORM there is a potential CO2 reduction of over 10,000 tons per year per optimized network


Erik De Schutter

Business Developer